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A Must Remember About Orthodontics

Posted by on May 28, 2016 in Blog | Comments Off on A Must Remember About Orthodontics

If you consider your teeth as an asset and special to you, then you should have your teeth checked regularly. Whether you are kid or an adult. No teeth is safe because of it is very sensitive. And having that being said, it should be taken care seriously and properly. There are a numerous of treatment option especially nowadays, from invisible clear aligners down, braces and down to retainer. Orthodontist have the skill and specialized knowledge to have all the possibilities to be considered. Based on some variables like your age or health state, differences of teeth alignment or size and many more. They will always know what to use, what appliance that is fit for your teeth. Surely they will make the best decision to make.

Nothing is really too late to begin an orthodontic treatment but it is always earlier the better see here Everybody should see an orthodontist as early as possible to track down possible problem that one might encounter or will encounter in the near future. The age of seven (7) is the safest period of time wherein check ups are a must.

The perfect age for having your teeth checked


Each child differ in the growing development. But majority of the cases, children’s first molars have started to appear at the age of six. This along with other developmental, let the orthodontist do its job to check your teeth in a professional way. Let them understand the basic teeth alignment from side to side and from front to back. It is also possible to know whether there will be an adequate space in the mouth for all of your permanent teeth. If there is not, then there is a need to take an action for it.

For common orthodontic treatment, the problems usually begins around the age nine (9)- fourteen (14), when majority of the baby teeth are gone and replaced by the permanent ones. And there are instances where some conditions are easier to treat if they are caught in a very early stage.

Difference between a “Dentist” and an “Orthodontist”

These terms are often a misconception. Technically speaking, they are similar but not the same. A dentist are for check ups and cavity fillings. And on the other hand, orthodontist has two to three years of additional education and is an expert for teeth straightening. They specialize in this field and is certain to give you the best treatment option that suits your teeth.

How to know that a doctor is actually a real orthodontist?

American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) will determine a certified orthodontist that specialized in this field. You will also notice this because usually they will hang them in their office walls to prove to their clients that they are a reliable expert in orthodontist care. If ever you are in doubt, you may be able to visit for confirmation if your chosen orthodontist is indeed an expert.

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