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How to Buy Affordable Electric Golf Trolley

Posted by on Aug 8, 2016 in Electric Golf Trolleys | Comments Off on How to Buy Affordable Electric Golf Trolley

People choose to play golf to enjoy the day, to exercise, breathe some fresh air and also sunlight. They find golf more relaxing and enjoying than any other sports out there. The only thing to worry about is how to carry the golf clubs and then walk all around the golf course. There is an option to ride in a golf cart but then the essence of exercising can be defeated. And hiring one caddy requires an additional person to be present in carrying your clubs. And this one can be a hassle because you need to wait for the schedule of a caddy.

The only option that you can have is the electric golf trolley. The electric golf trolley was invented by Joe Catford and he emphasized the benefits of it when he made it. The design of the electric golf trolley was just simple then. By just pulling the trolley with electric motor with battery you can operate it and is very helpful. The trolley became popular that more companies entered the industry and its innovation is being known as well.

It is expensive to buy a brand new electric golf trolley so it is good to buy the most affordable one. But how is it to buy an affordable electric golf trolley? There are many features that an electric golf trolley has. It adds to the trolley’s price that is why affordability can be an issue. So there are a few tips that you can follow in buying affordable electric golf trolley.

Tips in buying affordable electric golf trolley:

  1. Avoid features that are unnecessary. It is still wiser to choose features that you really need.
  2. Look for something that is reliable and easy to maintain. Since it is easy to maintain and reliable this is guaranteed worth it purchases of electric golf trolley even if it is quite expensive.
  3. Consider buying used electric golf trolley. Buying a used electric golf trolley that has the features that you need is a wise decision. If you think that the used electric golf trolley is in good condition definitely you can consider buying it.
  4. Buy only from those known electric golf trolley stores. You can consider buying on the website This is definitely the best way to buy an electric golf trolley in a good condition and possibly with warranties. Just make sure to ask the store about the warranty.

In buying affordable electric golf trolley it is not necessarily cheap trolley that you will be buying. Always remember your purpose why you are buying it, the convenience that it cause you and also how long that it is going to last. Remember those factors in buying the electric golf trolley. You really do not need a timer as an additional feature. You just need to make sure that it will be running with long lasting battery and an effective one that you can use when you need it during your game in the course. Make sure to spend your money wisely in buying an electric golf trolley.

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Maintenance Tips to do for your Lithium Electric Golf Trolley

Posted by on Aug 8, 2016 in Electric Golf Trolleys | Comments Off on Maintenance Tips to do for your Lithium Electric Golf Trolley

After buying your choice of lithium electric golf trolley you need to take good care of it. Following the instructions on how to maintain your golf trolley can make it last longer and working properly. It is important to make sure of this so you do not have to buy a new one over and over again. Lithium electric golf trolley may be expensive, that is why maintaining it is truly important.

Here are the following maintenance tips that you can do for a long lasting lithium electric golf trolley:

Make sure that the tops of the batteries are all clean. And to do this you can use baking soda and water to clean the tops. Dry it so it can be ready to be used again.

Make sure to clean the cables of the battery. Check for the wear and tear as well. Just in case you found one, make sure to replace the cables.

Spray the cables of the battery with a protective spray. This is to ensure safety of the cables and for long life.

Always check if there is any corrosion or rotting on the battery trays to avoid prematurely cause of damage of your trolley.

Never fail to follow instructions based on the manual of the golf trolley. If you missed important instruction it can affect your golf trolley or possibly damage to it.

If your lithium electric golf trolley is foldable, make sure to fold it carefully and store it to a clean storage. Maintain the storage clean so the trolley will not catch any dirt that could easily damage it.

Recharge the battery at the right time. Make sure to follow instructions on the manual about charging.

If there is damage that you found out, check the warranty if that is being covered. Better not to do anything yet because there could be conditions if it is covered by warranty.

Just in case you want to shop for lithium electric golf trolley you can buy it here on this website: Those are affordable and light weight to use.

Always make sure that the accessories are all in place. The bag holder should be clean as well. Check all the features if all are working, the battery, the timer, charging ports, remote control and others. You need to check them so when the time you need to use them you can be assured that they are all working.

For lithium electric golf trolleys that have the features you are looking for you can visit the website

It is truly important to maintain your electric golf trolley because it can last longer if you do so. Do it weekly or during the free day that you are not playing golf. This is to ensure that the features all are working and will be less trouble on the time you need to bring it on your game. Learning the maintenance tips can make help you take care of your precious golf trolley for a lifetime.

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